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How to Improve Your Next internet marketing strategy in 5 Steps

How to Improve Your Next internet marketing strategy in 5 Steps

If you are seeking ways to improve your internet marketing strategies, you should look a certain fact about human behavior that will surely be very useful to you in your business. The majority of people are just the followers and not the readers. So they can hardly be led than followed. It is true whether people know it or not, but they secretly want to be led and thus they follow someone they see as a good leader, someone who masters or has excelled a field. Hence, if you wish to improve your online marketing strategy, your first step should be establishing yourself as an expert in the minds of your visitors. They will follow you and ultimately, will wish to buy from you.

So, how would you go on this way?

Simply, you should position yourself as the one giving your visitors an edge for what they are looking so desperately. Your motive here should be to offer them some repackaged gems by putting your unique twist on the subject. You should share a strategy that is capable of shifting their beliefs along with helping them to notice something that they had not noticed before. Offer them something at least that can open their minds up and lead them to enjoy the most fascinating and memorable moment. Here follows some quick steps or tips that you can get started with to establish your success rate as an internet marketing expert.

Publishing an e-book on your specialized area

You can offer your followers some of your knowledge and experience in the form of the downloadable e-book. Let them become aware of the problems that you have experienced along with the solutions chosen as if they come across certain the same problems, they can beat the case well. Supply good information to your readers and they will be back to you. It will be really affordable to create an e-book for establishing your credibility as an expert in your field.

Record your interview taken by someone

The interview experts will interview you on a specific topic within your area of expertise. During the interview session, you would be required to give solutions to the problems you know with what the majority of your audience is struggling. Record your interview and make it visible to the public in an audio format. This will enable you to be flexible enough for posting the file on your website for download, email link of the file and gives your audience an ability to listen on a computer or other mobile devices.

Creating articles showcasing your area of expertise

As per the perception today, an author is the authority on a given subject what is read in print by someone whether online or offline. You can choose any topic from your expert area and create articles on that and post them to free online article directories. This is another most effective way to improve your online marketing strategy with strengthening back your expert status along with helping you to build your credibility rather quickly. Make sure you always supply the valuable information to your followers so that they can keep coming back for more read-ons in future.

Go to Person

This is last, but not the least method to improve your internet marketing strategy. Remember, your followers know that you are an expert in this field and they can take good lessons from your knowledge and expertise. Hence, they will start looking you as the ‘go-to-person’ that brings only things that are valuable to them. Now, you have the expert status and they will start looking at you who would give value to their business that would further affect other sectors of their life. This will bring you a very powerful position as you will be viewed as an expert rather than someone who have just come up to get them build a convincing website or a fleshy print ad. Your responsibility of supplying good will increase and you would be responsible enough to set a trend. You should utilize this state cautiously and bring everything best to the interest of your followers.

How to check your real backlink

Check your real backling | pTutorial

How to check Your Real backlink of any website.

Before checking backing, I will tell you what is backlink? Backlink is a hyperlink from on web page to point other web page, It is a search engine optimization term (SEO) that is also called Inbound Link. Backlink is the most important factor of popularity of any website.

There are two types of backlink are following below

  1. Do follow backlink
  2. No follow backlink

No follow backlink

Backlink that have rel=” nofollow ” attribute is called no follow backlink. Most important thing about no follow backlink is that search most of engine does not consider no follow backlink link for ranking of any website.

Example of do follow link

Php tutorial

Do follow backlink

The backlink that does not have rel=”nofollow ” attribute is called do follow backlink. Only do follow links are consider by the search engine.

Example of do follow backlink

Php tutorial

Check do follow backlink of your of website

Now I am going to tell you how to check do follow backlink of any website.

Open google web master tool and sign in with your google account.

ptutorial check backling

If your website has been added in google web master tool then ok otherwise add your website first to google webmaster tool.

ptutorial check backling

Select you’re your website, which you to check backlink, here I am selecting blogs.ptutorial.com.

You can see here number of submitted and index page of your website.

ptutorial check backling

Now click on search traffic then after links to your site. This is your real backlink or you can say that, there are the do follow backlink of your website.

ptutorial check backling

Note: If you add your website to google webmaster today then it takes around seven day to update your all data like backling.

Note: If you have been added some time before then it takes 24 to 48 hours to update todays backling.

For php tutorial and example please visit php example