how to swap two numbers without using a third variable

How to swap two numbers without using a third variable ?

C program to swap two numbers without using third variable, swapping means changing the data from one variable to other variable see the following example-

You have two variable a and b with value



Then the result after and before swapping is like that

Before swapping


After swapping



The below c program swap or c example the numbers without using third variable. You can swap the number by using third variable also. See the example in next section.

C program to swapp numbers

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main()
   int firstnumber, secondnumber, temp;
   printf("Enter the value of firstnumber and secondnumber\n");
   scanf("%d%d", &firstnumber, &secondnumber);
   printf("Before Swapping\nfirstnumber = %d\nsecondnumber = %d\n",firstnumber,secondnumber);
   temp = firstnumber;
   firstnumber    = secondnumber;
   secondnumber    = temp;
   printf("After Swapping\nfirstnumber = %d\nsecondnumber = %d\n",firstnumber,secondnumber);



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