Check whether image exists on remote server

Here is example to verify whether given image exists on server or not. For that we can use PHP inbuilt function get_headers() .

get_headers — Fetches all the headers sent by the server in response to an HTTP request. get_headers function return an array with the headers sent by the server in response to a HTTP request.


$url = "";

function checkImageExist($url){
$headers = get_headers($url, 1);
if (strpos($headers['Content-Type'], 'image/') !== false) {
} else {
return $status;

The output of the get_headers function:

    [0] => HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    [x-amz-id-2] => c/RpQuXgUvK8Fv6zMa2XIwjYfBMooqSmLBrbfyFRhfmEplvtZht0nI8iHxuQk7DysAFPlagkk6A=
    [x-amz-request-id] => A0FE2FA39A7860A3
    [Date] => Sat, 09 Feb 2019 05:17:40 GMT
    [Last-Modified] => Wed, 11 Jul 2018 20:16:46 GMT
    [ETag] => "7954ed8ca909c136bce3c762733df482"
    [Accept-Ranges] => bytes
    [Content-Type] => image/jpeg
    [Content-Length] => 37934
    [Server] => AmazonS3
    [Connection] => close

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